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Why Us ?

Why Us ?

1. Excellent track record

We have cleaned hundreds of thousands of square meters both through our Domestic and Commercial business, Our clients range from large organisations with highly specified offices to small companies occupying modest premises. We also work closely with the domestic sectors of cleaning both direcly with the public and real estate agents and specialise in end of lease cleans. Many of our clients have been with us for years.

2. Personal attention from senior management

Brisbane Property Solutions offers you a level of personal attention you just don't get from any one else.

Perhaps you're used to dealing with an ever-changing roster of junior 'Account Managers' or 'Customer Relations Executives' who don't know you, don't know your business, and don't seem to care? If that sounds familiar then our very different approach will be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Our managers take a deep and genuine interest in all aspects of your cleaning operation. Hands-on attention. Frequent site visits. Not just at the beginning, but throughout the entire contract.

3. Enthusiastically recommended by our clients

Several of our clients have supplied details in our Testimonials section of our website. 

4. Pro-active, helpful approach

We always try to be positive and helpful. You won't have to fight us to get things done. Our managers, supervisors and cleaners all try to anticipate problems or special requirements. They will use their initiative to deal with situations as they arise and act swiftly and efficiently to resolve any issues.

This means the amount of management time you need to allocate to supervising and monitoring your cleaning contract will be significantly reduced.

5. Experienced, fully trained cleaners and managers

Our senior managers have years of valuable experience in the commercial and domestic cleaning industry. Many of our cleaners have been with Brisbane Property Solutions and or contracted by us for a long time, Our staff turnover is significantly lower than the industry norm because we promote hard work.

Training is a continual process for our staff at all levels. It ensures that we operate at peak efficiency all the time.

6. Advanced cleaning methods

There's a quick way to do things and there's the best way. We do things the best way.

All the equipment and materials we use are carefully chosen to suit the job in hand. Many of our services involve innovative, state of the art techniques, including High pressue cleaning, High PSI carpet cleaning and advanced cleaning procedures.

By using advanced methods we are often able to save you time and money, as well as producing superior results.

7. Strong emphasis on Health and Safety

Health and Safety considerations are an integral part of our operations, not something 'bolted on' to comply with the rules. We take Health & Safety matters very seriously.

8. Sensible pricing

We offer excellent value for money. We may not always be the cheapest option but we do aim to be, In terms of achieving the high quality results you require, our price structure is very cost effective. We deliver on what we promise .. Our Quality never suffers.

9. A smooth transition when we take over

Signing up a new cleaning contractor has the potential to be fraught with difficulties, including possible disruption and uncertainty as the new contractor takes over. Often companies put off their decision and decide to live with the devil they know, settling for inferior quality as a result.

Brisbane Property Solutions  guarantees a smooth transition from day one of the contract, with improvement the only noticeable difference. No nasty surprises - just better cleaning and better service.

10. We really want your business!

We want to win your business. We're prepared to put a lot of effort into discussing your cleaning requirements, surveying your premises and ultimately presenting a thorough and acurate quotation.